Student Services Fee

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The Student Services Fee (SSF) at the University of Minnesota enhances the student experience and provides services and support that benefits the campus community.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, the following fee is in place:

Undergraduate student: $510.21 per semester
Graduate student: $518.59 per semester
Professional student: $525.30 per semester
Each student also pays a fee for student government representation, which is reflected in the above totals.

Here is a breakdown of the SSF for 2023-2024:



Student Life, Health, and Wellbeing fee
Aurora Center $5.66
Boynton Health - Facility Support $12.32
Boynton Health - Operational $150.67
Radio K $4.36
Student Advocate Services $2.40
Student Conflict Resolution Center $4.86
Student Fee Administration $2.21
Student Legal Service $18.76
Student Parent Grants $1.99
Student Unions and Activities - Bond Repayment $47.13
Student Unions and Activities - Facility Support $57.50
Student Unions and Activities - Operational $35.22
University Recreation and Wellness - Facility Support $82.97
University Recreation and Wellness - Operational $53.55
Student Activity fee
Student Activity $19.22
Media fee
MN Daily $7.68
Students for a Conservative Voice $0.79
Wake Student Magazine $0.60

The following represents annual allocations of the Student Activity Fee, which supports operations and programming for registered student groups that requested funding. The dollar amounts represent the total each group received for the academic year noted.